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 Beginner Guide to kickoff the new RPG game: Azuria

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PostSubject: Beginner Guide to kickoff the new RPG game: Azuria   Tue Dec 22, 2015 8:31 pm

Hello all,

This guide will hopefully walk through all new players to this type of RPG game in Minecraft and also aid existing players who picked up fast.
This will just be a brief walkthrough to get you started, as well as some sneaks of future updates. I will not be baby walking you through the game. If any of you want to make a proper guide, feel free to ^_^

Alright to explain some core points of the game:

NO BREAKING OF ANY BLOCKS, except those in Mines (Sellable blocks) and trees and blocks that are allowed to break in dungeons (it will specify)
NO PLACING OF ANY BLOCKS, except in your Player Owned Plots (/warp plots)
TELEPORT is absolutely disallowed, except tping to players or using /Warp AG

Alright now to explain the structure of the game:

Azure Continent
Nova Continent
Water Continent
Sky Continent
Completionist Isle(In the Sky)
??? Continent (HIDDEN)
??? Continent (HIDDEN)

[Landmarks in Azure Continent]
Apprentice Guild (THE BEGINNING, like tutorial island)
MINER's GUILD (HIGHER LEVELED MINING, but still beginner tier)
PENGUIN POST OFFICE (DELIVERY OF MAIL/ITEMS TO OTHER PLAYERS, redeeming of vouchers/packages which are obtained from Mystery Boxes/Lucky Dips/Dungeons, etc)

Plots can be accessed via /warp Plots. These are areas where you can make yourself a base. Griefing of other's plots is an offence. IT IS MANDATORY to have a "MAILBOX" in your plot if you wish to use the Penguin Post Office, in order to receive mail. Please mark your plot to show that it is urs. Each player may own ONE LOT.

/Warp AG - takes you back to the beginning (Apprentice Guild)
/Balance - shows your current balance
/Rankup - Ranks you up, shows the amount needed for the next rank if you don't have enough yet
/Rankup get (PLAYERNAME) - shows the rank of a player or urself
/Top - SHOULD ONLY BE USED WHEN A MINE IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET OUT OF, do not use it anywhere else.
/tp (PLAYERNAME) - Only used to teleport to a player if needed.

[Banking System]
You can use available enderchests as banks or use the command /pv (number) to open a virtual bank. You have up to 99 virtual PV Banks.


You will spawn in the Apprentice guild, which is where you start. You will currently be in the Azure Continent. There are several shops in the guild: Farm Store (FOOD & CROPS), Pickaxe Store (BEGINNER PICKAXES), REPAIR STORE (FIX ITEMS with a FEE), RESOURCES STORE (SELLS BASICS BLOCKS N ETC, for PLOTS). It is highly advised to save money to buy some starter food and the best Pickaxe you can have if you are new to this game. Crossing the bridge onwards, is an ARCANE shop, that is used for magic weapons. Skip these for now as they aren't ready yet. Down the hill, you will arrive at the Azure Port, Skip it as well as you won't be using it for now.

Continuing the the gravel path south, you will find yourself at the first mine, Novice. It is highly advised to use this mine as it is slightly faster to rank up here, if you have the explosive pickaxe of course. Going east up to the Castle will take you to the Miner's Guild. Here there are the most advanced pickaxes that are buy-able from shops, any more OP would need to be hunted or won from somewhere. There is also a Miner Guild Mine which is slightly more money gain than Novice, however as stated before, not worth if you have the explosive pickaxe. There are also more furnaces here.

Next to the Novice mine is a beginner dungeon known as the Uprooted Tree Dungeon. There is no reward here, other than EXP. It is built for players to test weapons and for beginners to get used to combat, and boss fights.

To the east of the dungeon up a hill is the Combat Academy. On the Basement floor, is Kiko's Mystery Box Emporium. Here you can buy keys from Kiko and try to win items from opening the boxes. To the left of the emporium is a empty classroom and a garden. Players can use the garden to grow crops. To the right is the study room & the library. The library lists the "world map" showing all the continents. On the 2nd floor, there is an enchantment room which can be used for players to enchant armor for beginner use. (Eg mine iron and enchant like basic protection 1 just to keep you armored and stuff). In another room there is a weapon & armor store to buy slightly higher tier-ed weapons and armor, which are still for beginners. In the eastern corner of the CA entrance, there is a ledge to "jump down". There you can find a Goebie Boat, which will take you to a hidden location (Not a continent).

Riding the boat takes you to the Entrance of the Deep Ocean Mine(MYSTICAL RANK TO ENTER & MINE).

South of the Uprooted Tree Dungeon has a path which leads to the Adept Mine (LAPIS RANK TO ENTER & MINE).

The Queen Anne's Revenge is the only ship at the port docks At the moment. In order to use it to travel to another continent, A Nova pass is required to enter the Captain's room to use the movement to other continent. The method to receive a Nova pass will not be revealed. However, a ONE TIME use Nova pass can be obtained by combining Nova Fragments won at Mystery Boxes.

The rest of the game will not be revealed.

Someone can make a more detailed guide if they want to.

Best Regards,
Creator of Azuria
Azurian Tranquility

When stars start shining brightly like the sun at night,
You know it's your time to start glowing,
And shine bright like the seven diamonds,
Radiating a powerful fairy aura,
Descended from the heavens.
©Azurian Tranquility™
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Beginner Guide to kickoff the new RPG game: Azuria
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