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 Upcoming updates & Current stuff in game

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PostSubject: Upcoming updates & Current stuff in game   Sun Dec 27, 2015 7:47 pm

[Upcoming Updates]

Dungeons - ALL dungeons will only be created aft the complete creation of all mines. Sorry.

-Max Guild-

The Max guild will be found in the Sky Continent. It will have a "max mine" (Name TBC)

Reached Aegis Rank ($2,147,483,647)
Have unlocked the Sky Continent

Bank (Hopefully)
Portals to all Towns
Portals to all dungeon entrances
Max Guild Throne (To Sit)

-Completionist Isle-

The completionist isle is accessed via the Sky Ferry @ Azure Port. One must have been issued a ticket to enter(Perm use), the ticket can be obtained once all requirements have been met.

Areas of Interest:
Completionist Hall
"Completionist Mine"
Tournament Hall
Private Hunting Ground
Grandmaster's Forgery (Item Upgrades)

Hall Features:
Portal to max guild
Portal to entrances to all Bosses
Completionist Throne
More shops

Requirements(Updated as of 27/12/15, currently):
Obtained the rank of Ancestral Prominance
Have completed all Dungeons at least once
Defeated one of every boss in game
Obtained all unique items from all Mystery Box Vendors (Except Life Boxes)
Obtained every pickaxe in game
Obtained every (tool) shovel in game (Tool shovels are ones that have efficiency)
Obtained every (tool) Axe in game (Same as above)
Have discovered all Hidden Continents (2 Continents)
Have a total of $10,000,000,000,000 (10T) to purchase the pass

Requirements (Trimmed Pass):
Completionist Pass
Have a total of 5 Spirit Shards (Each shard is $10T) to buy the cape
Obtained the Final Boss Title
Obtained all unique items from the Life Essence Factory
Created a weapon/armor/tool upgrade scroll (Any)
Collected all armor/weapons from Royal Set
Collected all armor/weapons from Angelic Set
Collected all armor/weapons from Aether Set
Collected all armor from Ascension Set
Collected all armor from Trinity Set
Collected all of Forinthry's weapons

The trimmed pass allows you to access the "Golden Completionist Mine" which has a reset time of half of the completionist mine.
It also allows you to loot the Golden Chest once a day (This is not automated and will require assistance from an Admin)
Golden Chest loots will not be revealed, however, theres a low chance of obtaining a scroll drop.

[Life Essence]
Life Essences were introduced with the Nova Continent. The only way to obtain them is by defeating Primeval Creatures as an uncommon drop. They can be found in Primeval Forest as well as Prehistoric Ruins. The boss monster of both places have a 100% drop of Pure Life Essence, which can be crafted to 25 Life Essences.
Life essences are used to trade for certain items in the Life Essence Factory as well as to open Life Boxes. They can also be sold to shops for some money.

Thanks for reading.

Best Wishes,
Sent on behalf of [Admin] Mikoyuki as she is absent
Azurian Tranquility Co-Owner
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Upcoming updates & Current stuff in game
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