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 *RENEWAL* A Brand new world of Role Playing

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PostSubject: *RENEWAL* A Brand new world of Role Playing   Fri Feb 26, 2016 9:43 pm

Good Evening all,

We're pleased to announce that our dev team has finished patching the Renewal Update for the game.

Renewal is a game update which completely revamps the entire game's existing system.
What it does is:
Removes useless features in game
Increases the Rankup rate for lower ranks
Buffs droprate for existing items
Adjustment of item prices
Combat Re-balance

Azure Credits
Gachapon Tickets
Meister Emblems
Choice of 1 Elite weapon from dungeon 1 or 2, available options are: Supreme Angelic Bow, Lightning God Blade, Supreme Aether Blade, Offhand Supreme Aether Blade
Twin coupon (Doubles the loot for all party members for a dungeon, one use. Does not work at bosses)
Salve Token (for Savannah LuckyDip)
Free rankup to the next rank
Choice of Fafnir Witherblast or Full trinity Set with 30 heal spells
50% cashback of ur current rank before rankup given back to you

The higher your rank before renewal, the more you are reimbursed.

Without further Ado, heres the changes:

-Removed MinerGuildMine
-Removed Nova Pass Quest
-Prices on SkyContinent & HiddenGateway have been removed
You can now purchase it from AG, however, you are required to obtain a rank of Radiance to use the Pass.
Tool Enchantment - Explosive max level increased to 10
Weapon Enchantment - Aerial has been nerfed drastically to balance the game
-Arcane Blocks have been removed from the game, as there was no planned use for it. Players who still have those blocks may keep them for souvenirs or throw them away
-The prices of Snow Orb, Fire Orb & Fire Orb+ have been change to 1m,3m & 7M respectively.
-PPO post office has been removed from the game, as its not being used. Coupon vouchers from Mystery Boxes have been replaced with other items
-Sell prices of all mines have been doubled - Up to Aether Rank Mine
-Life Blocks - all typed have been removed from the game, as well as the machine to convert them
-The Grand Life Machine now only dispenses Life Ess/Pure Life ess. The chance of obtaining a primal essence has been increased slightly./
-the stairs to climb up the submergedcave has been fixed. U can now climb back up (for no reason ofc)
-the Droprate of Fafnir Witherblast, MH Aether Blade, OH Aetherblade, Angelic Bow & Lightning God Blade have been slightly increased.

New Mine - Sacred Grove [Paragon Rank]
SKY Continent is finally opened to the public. However for now only the first town is available.

[Grand Opening Event]
To finally launch our game into alpha after months of testing, here is the event notes !

[Rank Me Up Fast]
The first player to achieve the rank of Ancestral Prominence will receive:
1x Gold Chest Loot Ticket
1x Yuki's Chest Ticket
1x Seregios's Chest Ticket
2x Supreme Meister Signets

[Boss Slayer]
The first team to defeat Dorothy [Normal Mode] will receive 3x Free Dorothy Chest loot [Normal Mode] each !

[End of Cubing]
Players who still have cubes may still reconfigure their rare weapon stats until Mar 31st

[Gacha Wacha]
New gachapon machines will open in Sky Continent Soon ! Drop rate will be increased for the first week.

Best Regards,
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*RENEWAL* A Brand new world of Role Playing
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