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 [Game Content Update] Sky Continent Expansions

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PostSubject: [Game Content Update] Sky Continent Expansions   Tue Mar 15, 2016 7:28 pm

[Content Update - SkyTown 2 (Progress: 10%)

Name: School of Laputa
Requirements: None
Places of Interest:

Scrolling Class - Sells equipment scrolls and gives scrolling tips
Advanced Combat Class - Can summon Advanced Training Dummy for damage tests. Able to purchase new skills that can be used in combat.
Summoning Class: Shows locations of summoning altars & teaches how to use the summoning skill. Displays summonable mobs list.
Master Miner Class: Explains the skills of Mining (nothing much)
Master Dungeon Class: Dungeon tips, dungeon names, Dungeon item skipper shop

[Content Update - SkyTown 3 (Progress 5%)

Name: Aetheria
Requirements: None
Places of Interest:

Max Guild - A guild with many features. Only accessable by players at leave level 350 with Aether Rank obtained
Astral Hollow - Mob hunting ground, with various item drops + summoning altar. Theres a secret stone ring structure with an NPC standing near it [Quest: Assisting the Adventurer - Req: Heavenly Rank]
Intersection after Astral Hollow -> Stairway to the Sky -> Angelic Battlefield [TBC]

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[Game Content Update] Sky Continent Expansions
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