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 [Azuria] Patch Notes 25/12/15

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PostSubject: [Azuria] Patch Notes 25/12/15   Fri Dec 25, 2015 12:48 am

[Azurian Tranquility Server Patch Notes]

What has been updated since the beginning:

SkyTown(Spawn) - 75% Complete
- Portals for each world - 90% Complete, left with creative world
- StaffHQ - 0% Complete

CreativeWorld - 0% Complete
- Creative World Spawn - 0% Complete

KitPvP - 100%
- Map & Kits updated MC1.8.8 - 100%

Survival World - 100% Complete

PrisonRPG (Azuria) - Unknown completion %
- Azure Continent - 100% Complete
- Nova Continent - 60% Completed
- Water Continent - 0% Completed
- Sky Continent - 10% Completed
- Completionist Isle - 0% Completed
- Hidden Continents - 0% Completed
- Mines - 40% Completed

[AzuriaRPG Patches]
Added arrows to weapon shop in CA
Fixed the broken path to Adept Mine
Fixed MGM Scroll Hopper glitch (ANY item thrown in triggers it)
Moved shops from old AG to new AG
Added Food Shop to AG
Fixed mines that have no way to reset if you cleared the whole mine(Cant go back up to the reset button)
Revamped a few old & new mines to make them less vulnerable to explosive pickaxe griefing
Re-adjusted a few mine prices to make the rankup system more smooth
Added Nova Continent
Added Pantheon (Nova Continent first town)
Added Radiant Alcove (Radiance Rank Mine)
Added Primeval Forest (Mini dungeon)
Added Desolate Town (Nova Continent second town)
Added a partially builded Life Essence Factory in Desolate Town
Added Oblivion Quarry (Oblivion Rank Mine)
Added Glacial Cavern (Glaciate Rank Mine)
Added a boss in Primeval Forest (Respawns every 1000 game ticks)
Added a magic shop (Not ready)

Confirmed Updates progress:

Desolate Underpass Dungeon - 10% completed
Submerged Cave - 0% Completed
Prehistoric Ruins - 0% Completed
Miasmic Mine - 0% Completed
Max Guild - 0% Completed
Completionist Hall - 0% Completed
Max Mine - 0% Completed
Completionist Mine - 0% Completed
Voraga - First Major boss to be built, based on RuneScape's Vorago
Roshan - Second major boss probably, based on DOTA
??? Boss - Final Boss

These are just a few confirmed updates only. It's not all.

Thanks for reading.


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[Azuria] Patch Notes 25/12/15
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