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 [Guide] Weapons/Armor Tier List

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PostSubject: [Guide] Weapons/Armor Tier List   Mon Jan 18, 2016 8:19 pm

[Weapon Types]

Sword (Melee, includes blades & rapiers)
Scythe (Melee)
Shovel (Melee)
Axe (Melee)
Bow (Ranged)
Gun (Ranged)
Spells (Magic)

[Armor Types]


[Armor + Weapons Tiers & Location]

Tier 1 - Azure Continent
Tier 2 - Pantheon, Desolate Underpass Dungeon [Nova Continent]
Tier 3 - Desolation Town, Preshistoric Ruins [Nova Continent]
Tier 4 - Dreamy Savannah LuckyDip [Hidden Land Dreamy Savannah]
Superweapons - Sky Continent, Dreamy Savannah, Dragontooth Isle, Water Continent
Divine Weapons - Sky Continent

[Currently Released Weapons]

Combat Academy Assorted weapons [Tier 1, Melee]
Junior Magic Emporium Spells: Snowblast, Fireball & Fireblast [Tier 1, Magic]
Combat Academy MysteryBox & Weapon Store Bows [Tier 1, Ranged]
Skylandia Grandmaster's Forgery [Tier 1, Guns]

Nova Store Assorted weapons [Tier 2, Melee]
Lightning God Blade [Tier 2, Melee]
Angelic Bow, Batman's Bow [Tier 2, Ranged]
Guns do not have Tier 2 yet, as Tier 1 is still in progress
Fafnir Witherblast [Tier 2, Magic Attack]
Sacred Arrow [Tier 2, Magic Support]

Aether Twinblades [Tier 3, Melee]

Forinthry Trio Melee [Tier 4, Melee]

Melee -> T1, T2, T3, T4, SW, Divine
Magic -> T1, T2, SW, Divine
Ranged -> T1, T2, SW, Divine

Endgame Completed Weapons:
Divine Rapier [Melee]
Divine Blast [Magic]
Divine Gun [Ranged, not ready]
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[Guide] Weapons/Armor Tier List
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